Pet Dog Puppy Cat Rubber Dental Teeth Chew Bone Play Training Fetch Fun Toys Hot

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100% brand new and high qaultiy

Size: 12CM

Material: TPR plastic

Suitable for: dogs

Product Features: Environmental protection bite teeth health tooth

This toy, really quite in the hands of the weight, natural rubber material, not particularly hard, with a certain amount of elasticity, will drop on the ground will rebound Oh, so better training dog agility !

Molar cleaning: "love to bite, shows me really fighting!" Bone tooth chewing gum, through full contact with the dog's teeth, not only to achieve the effect of molar teeth, but also to enhance the dog's jaw muscle development ! Special add, milk flavor, so that dogs prefer, but also in addition to bad breath ~

Food grade material: All natural rubber, environmental non-toxic, good bite-resistant milk flavor, make pets more like a good bouncing effect, well to ensure pets keen training more colors to choose from, enriching the fun of life.

packing include_1 pcs * dog toy